My hosts from Couchsurfing:

Kento, my host in Tokyo, and my best Couchsurfing experience.
He is a really nice guy, even though he was working so many hours and also studying after work, he made some time for me and we cook Tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelet). When I came back to Tokyo at the end of my trip, I couldn´t stay with him, but we met and he helped me with everything I needed. I would never be able to say thanks to him for how much he helped me and also, when you are travelling alone and you come back home he was a really nice person with who share your experiences.
Kento with my Tortilla!
Last day together

Koushi, Tokyo.
Last day in Japan

My surfers from Couchsurfing

Ola and Magda from Poland

Playa de San Juan, Alicante.

People with who I cross my path by travelling.

Mutsumi, Osaka, Japan

Shun, Tokyo, Japan

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